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PostingBlues has ability to publish your content on social networks groups in Automatic and Semi-Automatic mode. Publish your content in front of thousands in minutes!

Using PostingBlues - is a simple way to create, publish and promote your content. In a few steps, you can show your promo content to thousands of potentional customers or fans. What makes PostingBlues great is the combination of simplicity combined with an automated feature set to make the entire publishing process easier. More social networks coming!

Very Easy To Manage

Reliable and secure option for storing, manage and publish your advertisements. No need for folders, files or notes.

Mobile Ready

Optimized for mobile devices. The system can work with devices running iOS, Android or Windows Mobile.

Affordable Price

Our user-based pricing makes PostingBlues an effective and affordable solution for every size of online business. Just from €3.99.


Our pleasure is to support you in your social marketing efforts. We are here to support existing products, as well to develop it further.

Latest News

We present to you brand new LikesRock Client - the desktop program to execute tasks in LikesRock service. The application was completely rewritten using modern technologies: we took the best that was in the first version of our client and corrected errors and defects.

Advantages of new LikesRock client:

The client is based on the built-in browser Chrome 58.0. This means that the client is no longer depends from browser on the user's computer.

The minimum requirements for the operating system have been reduced: now the client can be launched on any OS, starting with Windows XP SP3.

Significantly reduced the overall system requirements: for the client's work now it is enough to have a minimum of installed RAM (from 512Mb) and a minimum processor (for example, Intel Atom)

Redesigned client interface: now the client can be stretched to full screen, and the minimum size of the client's window is such that it can fit even on netbooks.

Now you can now perform all categories of tasks, including those that were previously available exclusively on the site (for example, subscribers in VK public, members in VK groups, etc.)

Memory leakage is eliminated while the client is working, and the work itself has become much faster and more stable.

 The executable file of the client is now signed using a digital certificate: this will allow users to know exactly what the application was downloaded and launched from MAYA Group

While developing the LikesRock Desktop Client 2, the wishes of users about UI and UX were taken into account.

You can download the new client at https://likesrock.com/download-client . For those who have already installed the client, you do not need to download again - the client will be updated automatically at startup. In the nearest update we will add a section for autosurfing sites to the client. Thus, you will be able to earn money on a passive, by automatically browsing the sites of advertisers.

Stay with us, follow the news and grow with us!!

Our best regards,
Maya Group team

Promo Actions


In order to increase community activity after the holidaysб the Maya Group company launching the contest "TOP REFERRER 7" with a total prize pool of  €500 + 100 shares (rating value of €1000)!!! The contest will last 3 months and the results will be announced September 1st, 2017.

  Pay your attention! This time we will take into account quality indicators only for the period from 1st June 2017 to 1st September 2017. Referrers included in the top 100 will receive cash prizes, shares of the company, as well as premium in MAYA VIP-status LikesRock and subscription in PostingBlues and LandingJazz


    You can see a table of ТOP REFERRERS, taking part in the contest. In the current contest, we decided to simplify the formula for determining the utility coefficient in order to equalize the chances of winning for new and old refferers. The efficiency is calculated according to a formula based on the combination of current places in 4 categories:

   Efficiency =  100 - (x1+x2+x3+x4) / 4

where "х" is the current place (for the period from 1st June 2017 to 1st september 2017) in the category :
x1 - total number of 1st level referrals
х2 - number of referrals who deposited its balance
х3 - number of referrals who executed tasks and ads.campaings
х4 - total earned amount on referrals


1st place: €200 + 7 shares (rating value of €70) + 3 month premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 3 months subscription in PostingBlues + 3 months subscription in LandingJazz
2nd place: €100 + 6 shares (rating value of €60) + 3 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 3 months subscription in PostingBlues + 3 months subscription in LandingJazz
3rd place: €50 + 5 shares (rating value of €50) + 3 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 3 months subscription in PostingBlues + 3 months subscription in LandingJazz
4th place: €30 + 4 shares (rating value of €40) + 3 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 3 months subscription in PostingBlues + 3 months subscription in LandingJazz

Referrers, ranked from 5th по 10th, will receive:
€20 + 3 shares (rating value of €30) + 2 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 2 months subscription in PostingBlues + 2 months subscription in LandingJazz

Referrers, ranked from 11th to 30th will receive:
2 shares (rating value of €20) + 1 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 1 months subscription in PostingBlues + 1 months subscription in LandingJazz

Referrers, ranked from 31th to 50th will receive
1 share (rating value of  €10) + 1 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 1 months subscription in PostingBlues + 1 months subscription in LandingJazz

Referrers, ranked from 51th to 100th will receive
1 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 1 months subscription in PostingBlues  + 1 months subscription in LandingJazz

   Referral program of our company is 3 levels of  25%-5%-1%.
   Invite your partners, grow up and make money with us!!!

Our best regards,
Maya Group team


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Adding or Promoting your content on
social networks was never easier

Reach Existing or Potentional Customers on Multiple social networks

One of the most challenging aspect of running a business is getting customers, so it is important to took advantage of every opportunity. With PostingBlues you can easily reach your existing or expand your customer base. If you continue to create informative, important or just fresh shareable content, you will soon notice that there is an audience of people waiting for your next piece of content. The comments, shares, and likes that may have been difficult to earn before will become more common.

PostingBlues is designed to target your existing and potential customers on social networks at affordable rates. We know that marketing budgets are always tight.


Attract the Right Audience

Send your announcements and photos to multiple social networks simultaneously.

Improve Your Social Impact

When you are developing your social marketing strategy one of the key things to consider is the number of people you would be able to reach.

Expand Your Social Visibility

If you are not using social marketing to expand your social visibility, your business and brand may be invisible.

Find New Customers

Focus your efforts to find new customers and generate new sales.

Generate Leads & Build Brand Awareness

Be recognized by potential customers. Use PostingBlues to generate leads and drive traffic to your website.

Improve Discoverability and Save Time

Make it easier for your existing and potential customers to find you, and in same time save hours of publishing and copying simply by using PostingBlues.


Who Use PostingBlues

Very quickly PostingBlues is choosen as one of their promo tool from more than 520800 valuable users. Simplicity, reliability and efficienty with affordable price is wining combination to all of them.

Our users come from many industries, and they are almost equaly splitted on business owners and individuals. We found that they are so creative in using our service, that we are so proud and it's our pleasure to work on further development.

From The Desk Of Developers

  • Andrey Seregin

    CEO & Leading Developer
    Only the latest technologies and the latest trends in the programming and design are at the heart of all our projects. This differs us advantageously from our competitors and allows to stay always on the crest of a wave.

  • Artem Dvornik

    SMM & PR Manager
    The most important aspect of our philosophy is the consolidation. All of our projects use an uniform accounting system and an entire affiliate program. This means that in each of our projects you may log in using the same login and password, your balance will be the same in all projects, as well as all your affiliates will be kept in your downline.


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PostingBlues - is the fastest publishing service for social networks

Simply the best, easiest and fastest way to write, publish and distribute your announcement in front of thousands people. Speed up the publishing process and enrich your marketing efforts.

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In social marketing, content leads to conversation, conversations build strong relationships, and relationships result in ROI. Start small and work to increase engagement with those who have connected with you. Figure out what types of your content will get them to comment, like or share.